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Ironicons Text Messaging App

The all new Texting App you've been waiting for is finally here!

Sexy emoticons

Need a naughty emoji?
Pickle emoticonCherry emoticon
We have you covered from Icy lips emoji to Booty emoji.
Erotic emoticons for texting sexy time
Sexy bikini emoticon Sexy licking lips emoticon Pearl necklace emoticon Slap emoticon Sexy girl's booty emoticon Short skirt emoticon Man's chest emoticon Man's shorts emoticon Speedo emoticon Muscles emoticon Bondage emoticon S&M emoticon Vibrator emoticon Topless emoticon

Funny emoticons

No matter what your sense of humor, we have the funny icons for you.

Party favors

If you like your reality warped... We have you covered.

Yoga emoticons

We're sure you can get yourself in to some fun positions with these. Namaste!

Ironicons is a better texting app that is truly customizable. Ironicons has custom color choices, custom fonts, different themes, and contact customization. Ironicons has hundreds of emoji and emoticons that can be sent to anyone even if that person doesn’t have the app yet.

Ironicons uses your internet or WiFi connection to send messages to your contacts.   If your contact doesn’t have the app, it seamlessly falls back to SMS / MMS mode (if your device supports it).  Ironicons uses whatever your internet connection:   3G, 4G, or WiFi when available.

Ironicons has talented artists that have effectively outdated the yellow smiley with rich emoji full of expression, sex, drugs, and rock and roll.  Unlike iPhone emoticons, Ironicons has gingers, blondes, different races, and different faces. Yoga positions you never knew you needed until you start putting them together in funny positions.

One of Ironicons coolest features is the ability to make your own emoticons to share with your friends. Take any image and load in to your custom icons category.   Once you share a custom Ironicon, your friend will have it in their custom folder as well.   So get creative and make your own emoticons!   You can add the faces of your friends and enemies, those naughty icons Google won’t let us include, or whatever you come up with as your newest emoji.   When you are using Ironicons, gone are the days when you say these icons are boring, if the emoji are boring, you can’t blame us! Anything you create or find on the internet can be added to Ironicons.

When building Ironicons we started by figuring out what features were missing in other popular texting apps, asked around for the wish list of others, and built in some cool features of our own.

Ironicons has Contact Management built in. Change contact icons, names, create groups, etc. all from within the app. When someone sends you a great selfie, you’re only a few clicks away from making it their contact icon. Customize your contacts with custom LED notifications, notification sounds, and signatures.

Ironicons allows high-quality attachments to be sent including high-resolution pictures, audio including mp3, and video. File up to 20MB can be sent across our network.   If your friend doesn’t have the app, no problem.   The app uploads the file to our server and sends them a link.

Like to send and receive NSFW (not safe for work) pictures but don’t want to share with the people nearby? You can turn on NSFW filtering and any message with the tag #NSFW in the message and the image won’t be shown until you’re ready. Or turn the filter off, your choice.

Built into the design of Ironicons Texting App is a drop pin system for location and directions.   If you highlight a word you can look the word up for a real definition, or a fun one, find it on YouTube, the internet or through google maps.  There’s a search engine built in so our texting app users can easily find something they are looking for in a thread.

We are committed to making Ironicons the best texting app on the market, with frequent updates and responsiveness to customer feedback.  We’ve already taken some suggestions from the peanut gallery and look forward to more.   If you have an idea, let us know at